Introduction: Piggy Bank, Out of Plastic Container!

Let’s do some kids fun activities in this tutorial!

Here’s my little nephew poses with the Piggy :)


Plastic container - Small & big, each one
Colour sheets
Acrylic paints - Black and White
Cardboard pieces

Step 1: Prepare the Container

Wash and clean plastic container
Do see that, the container is dry

Step 2: Add Colours to the Container

Now, take long and broad strips of colour sheets (as per the size of the container).

Fix the colour strips to the container with glue.

Step 3: Complete the Container

Now, snip off small portion of the container with colour sheets so that the portion becomes the coin collector part.

You can also do it, even before pasting the colour sheet.

Step 4: Add the Legs, Tail

For the leg part, we can roll small cardboard piece and encapsulate with tissue tape.

On top of it, we can add colour paper strips.

Twisted small colour paper strip can be fixed to the backside of the container, with super glue.

Step 5: Eyes, Nose and Ears

To add the eyes part, I am using small cardboard piece in white. We can also colour with white & black acrylic for better look.

A small rounded piece of black colour paper will serve the purpose of Nose.

And small colour piece, can be attached to the body for ear part.

Step 6: Now, the Piggy Bank Is Ready to Collect and Disperse the Coins!

The best part of using (transparent) plastic container is we can see through and check how much we have collected.
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