Introduction: Anime Eyes - Kind of Easy Tutorial

Ok, so I'll be honest here- I made his because I didn't see any really good or detailed step-by-step anime eyes that looked good. I know it's mean, but it's the legitimate truth. Anyway, this is my tutorial on anime eyes. It's digital (I couldn't bother using a camera) but I think the quality turned out pretty good. I hope it's detailed enough for anyone to understand, so yeah. Here we go.

Step 1: What You Need

- Some kind of Photoshop software. You can't use Microsoft Paint or something like that, becuase we will be using smudge tools and things like that.

- A drawing tablet, preferably, for the pen pressure, but a mouse is fine.

-that's it???

Step 2: Shape! Basic Outlines

There are infinite possible shapes an anime eye has, but I used a reference for a shape

There are many many more, like the huge Sailor Moon ones and such.

First: Make a rough sketch of the outline.

Next: Zoom in close enough to SEE PIXELS-- my resolution is 120 dpcm. Clean up any stray lines, bumps, etc.

Last: Add lashes.

Step 3: Eyes - Outline

First, make a new layer.

Draw a rough outline of your eye.

Outline the 'good' part, super dark, and thick.

Plan out a rough circle, for the pupil.

Step 4: Eyes - Plan Out Highlights

Make a new layer, rough outline of highlights.

Step 5: Whoo! This Is the Funner Part ;)

Make a new layer. (Repetitive, right?)

Choose an eye color. I'm doing blue.

Use your find color tool and make it really dark- and make a curve. (see pictures)

Keep on going lighter and making thick curves until you reach about 2/3.

Change the hue lighter for the lighter part. It gives some more life and depth etc. to the drawing.

Continue getting light etc. until you reach the end.

Blur- the whole thing. Make it seem like a smooth transition from each color. (see pics)

Step 6: Highlights + Pupil

Go into every layer you have (should be 3 or 4) and make the area in the highlights white (you already planned them out, right?)

Then find your highlight-outline layer and delete it.

For the pupil- hide the super pretty colorful layer, and color the pupil with a really dark version of your eye color. then make it a tiny bit lighter and blot it in the center.

Re- open the super pretty colorful layer and tune the opacity down a bit. then with that, clean up the highlights.


The next section isn't going to be well explained. If you're following along, I expect you already know how to do digital art, but if not, just... try your best.

I feel like the pictures are an ok guide, but heres step-by-step

1. Add iris markings

2. Darken them, tone layer opacity down to about 70%

3. Add shading using whatever method you want

4. Clean up highlights etc.

5. Done!