Introduction: Origami - Lotus Flower

This is a simple and good looking flower for decoration anywhere. It is medium difficulty to fold and almost anyone can manage to make it.

Step 1: Materials:

- Paper, any type, origami, printer, lined, etc. (optional two pieces, but must be same size)

- Tape (In case of tears, and to keep things in place)

- Delicate hands I guess

- Scissors if you want to have the most perfect square

Step 2: Folds

1. Get your outer color (mine is pink) and do a valley fold diagonally (both ways).

2. Then fold all corners into the center, and repeat. (see photos)

3. Measure out a desired amount on each flap but make them each the same. this will effect how the petal looks. then valley fold again to make the shape in the photo.

4. Flip over, and fold corners to the center. (Don't worry, you have to fold the corner-part). Now there should be four corners sticking up.

5. Now take each petal-shape and fold it in so the entire thing is an octagon. Loosely open it up. You are done with the main flower but you can follow on if you want one that looks a little different, but is more difficult.

In order to make a more rounded one you have to open the flower up a little. Go to the bottom side and you see 4 flaps. These will serve as your extra petals. Now open up the parts blocking it and fold the extra petal up to a little behind the first crease. Then "invert" it to make it rounded the flip-side. Fold the middle part back down and you should have another petal. Repeat on all other sides. And don't worry if there are a few crinkles.


Fold the insides up to give a little detail.

Step 3: OPTIONAL: Leaves

Do Steps 1-5 but with your outer color. (Mine is green) to get that octagon shape again.

Put tape in the center to hold it down and then roll up a piece of tape to hold the flower in the middle of the leaves.

Step 4: DONE!!!

I hope it was not too hard for you. This might take several attempts. Please enjoy!!! :)

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