Introduction: Ankle Armilla

This ankle bracelet (named Ankle Armilla, since "ankle" is the place where it is meant to be used and "armilla" is bracelet in latin) can be used to express your personality or to send a message to someone you appreciate in a more personalized way, just as any jewelry piece. My appreciation for jewelry began when my best friend and I used to hang out at her grandmother’s house on most of my Fridays in middle school. When I used to go to their house, she would give me all type of advice, mainly I remember how she told me one day, “Jewelry is a key to the person’s soul”. This, she explained, meant that jewelry pieces are a very minimalistic detail, but it can portray and share a much deeper value to the person. Along with this, this bracelet is a great way to help recycle metal that would be thrown out and cause a negative impact on the environment. Here is the process on how to make a creative and beautiful ankle bracelet!


  • One Meter Cable of a Diameter of 8mm (which contains smaller cables of cooper)
  • Handy Wire Pilers (size of your choice, I recommend smaller ones)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sharpie

Step 1: Gathering Materials

  • Gather the materials listed above, and make sure to have your cable peeled.

After getting your one-meter cable, go to a hardware store for them to peel it or peel it yourself carefully with a knife. My one-meter cable was already peeled from a hardware store.

Step 2: Prepare a Copper Wire

When you have your one-meter peeled, use your hands to separate one of the thinner copper wires inside. After having disconnected you copper wire, use your wire pliers to straighten it as much as possible, without using to much strength.

Step 3: Making Your Hook

Fold your meter cable into two same-sized strands. When done folding the wire, grab the folded end of the wire with your wire pliers and make a small hook (of about 1cm).

Step 4: Cutting for the Right Size

Wrap your wire loosely around your ankle, or your wrist simply leave more space (what I choose as seen in the picture), and measure 15cm of extra wire with the use of a ruler. Mark the 15cm with a sharpie or any other resistant black marker to be more precise, and cut the rest of the wire.

Step 5: Creating Your Shape

With one of the strands of the copper wire, using your wire pliers fold a heart. The heart will be made by folding a section of around 15 cm, then folding it upward having a curve done, and continuing by folding it downward again. Simply perfectioning the heart later to give it a little more shape. The heart should be around 6cm long.

Step 6: Wrapping the Other Strand

When finished shaping the heart, wrap with the wire piler the other strand on copper wire around the strand with the shape, beginning at the end of the heart and doing it as tightly as possible.

Step 7: Continuing...

Continue wrapping the strand tightly, with the use of the wire pliers, until you are done with the other strand.

Step 8: Perfecting the Ankle

To give your bracelet more shape, use your wire pliers to tighten more the copper wire that is tangled and to straighten your bracelet more.

Step 9: Finishing

Lastly, fold your bracelet with the use of your hands to give it a circular shape.

Step 10: Final Result

Lastly place your ankle bracelet in your ankle and secure it by clasping the hook with one of the sides of the heart, and done!

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