Introduction: Apocalypse - Build!

About: Hey, my name is Jay. I've been working on building a lot more lately, expect more Instructables later on!

In under a week, I got 25 views on my first post and 18 on the update, so here you go! (If you need more information, go to my first post)
If you have a question, let me know, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.)

Step 1: The Turret

1: Build This
2: Build This
3-6: Add these
7: Build x8
8: Build x2
9: Connect them together
10: Add this
11: Add these
12: Add the Band

Step 2: The Support/Sight

1: Build x2
2: Build x2
3: Build These
4: Build
5: Connect All
6: Another View
7: Another View

Step 3: Barrel/Trigger Mechanism

1: Build (Ignore the snowflake piece, I used it for support)
2: Build x2
3: Build all these
4: Build these (The Broken Yellow piece can be replaced for an orange connector)
5: Build This
6: Connect these
7: Add these
8: Add this layer (NOTE: The Bottom-Left blue rod should have a purple connector facing south-east)
9: Add this piece
10: Add this layer on both sides
11: Other side
12: Add this to trigger piece
13: Add it to barrel piece
14: Make these
15: Add them to barrel piece
16: Add rubber bands
17: Add on the Turret
18: Add on the Support Sight

Step 4: Pump Mechanism

1: Build These
2: Build This
3: Add 1 & 2 together
4: Build These
5-7: Build This using these pictures
8: Build this
9: Connect These
10-11: Add this
12: Build this
13: Insert Here (Do on other side, too)
14: Connect Here (Do on other side, too)
15-16: Add to main body
17: Add in this piece
18: Add a grey rod to the trigger
19: Add the rubber band

Step 5: The Handle

1: Build These
2: Build This
3: Connect These (Ignore The White Connector, it's for support)
4: Build This
5: Build This (Notice The Trigger Piece added on)
6: Connect the Two Handle frames
7-9: Connect to the body

Step 6: The Stock

1: Build this
2: Build this
3-4: Build this using these pictures
5: Add this piece on
6: Add the other panel
7: Connect to main body

Step 7: Loading and Firing!

To load, grab 8 rods, (yellow and blue work best for me) rotate the turret around clockwise, put the rods in each turret round, pump back and fire!

NOTE: On the last picture, there is a highlighted rubber band, that i recommend you add for fire rate.

Step 8: Finished!

Thanks so much for building my gun! I put a lot of time and effort into the gun and the instructable itself, The credits go to:
For the Pump mech and Support piece
For the Layers of the stock (I didn't build it fully because I have my other parts on another gun)
For the turret