Introduction: Apple Seed Jewelry Making Station

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I was taking my tools out to our apple tree to get seeds to make jewelry. I thought it would be nice to be able to leave something by the tree….an Apple Seed Jewelry Making Station.

This set-up makes it easier to work by being adjustable to waste high. In addition, this arrangement means no mess in the house; I just throw the scrap in for composting.

This design allows me to take it apart, fold up and have the component parts closely compacted together to store.

Step 1: Construction

The base I am using is a construction tripod with a center pole extension. (The top pole has a 1 inch outside dimension.)

I started by measuring the metal cookie sheet that I was going to use as the tabletop. 

Cookie sheet: Outside dimension 9 ¾ by 15 inches -- Inside dimension 9 by 13 inches

I decided to use 2 X 4’s to perform as the support and mount of the cookie sheet to tripod:

Top board -- 14 inch overall length cut with a 45 degree angle on one end, the other end I just knocked off the sharp corner. Using a 1” hole saw, I drilled a thru hole at 7 inches and centered in the board.

Bottom board -- 8 inch overall length cut with a 45 degree angle on both ends. Using a 1” hole saw, I drilled a thru hole at 4 inches and centered in the board.

I aligned the two boards on the pole and fasten them together with (4x) 2-inch wood screws.

Step 2: Punch Drain Hole

I punched a 5/8 hole in the corner of the cookie sheet for draining apple juice.
I used a hole punch and hammer; with a 2x10 board for support under the contact point.

Step 3: Cut Cookie Sheet to Fit Coring Machine

The reason for the long top board is for mounting the coring machine. I needed to cut a 1-inch notch so the coring machine can slide into place. 

After cutting with sheet metal shears, I used a file to take off any burrs.

Step 4: Mount Cookie Sheet to Support Boards

I used (4x) 1 5/8 inch fine thread drywall screws;  two by the drain hole and two with washers on top of the coring machine.

I used a permanent marker for marking the screw positions. Then I just used a hammer and nail to perforate the sheet metal, to allow the screws to pass thru to the wood. The two hold down screws and washers really help clutch the machine in place. (See picture)

Step 5: Mount Tabletop to Tripod

I used a 2-inch coarse dry wall screw to secure tabletop to tripod. The screw goes thru metal to stop the top from spinning.

I feel that I lucked out when I did not pre-drill the screw hole. The screw did not split the wood and went thru the metal pole. I will not try this again; I will either use a self-drilling screw or pre-drill both the wood and metal pole. I also needed to mark the pole with a marker to indicate the top positioning for future reassembly.

Step 6: Utilization of the Apple Seed Jewelry Making Station

To utilize the apple-coring machine is done by placing an apple on the prongs of the machine and twist the handle. The apple is forced thru the cutter, producing the core. I take the core and break it apart with my hands to get at the seeds. I use a standard needle with the polyester thread to string. Seeds when first pulled out of the apple are the easiest to push the needle thru. You can push the need thru the face of the seed or from end to end. Let the seeds dry for your jewelry by hanging the threaded seeds like a clothesline.

Step 7: Polyester Thread and Magnetic Mount

The nice thing about the metal cookie sheet is it gave me the option of making magnetic mounts. I used a salvaged hard drive magnet as the base and threaded rod for holding the polyester spool. The magnet allows quick removal for dry storage from the elements. I like polyester because it holds up well for jewelry thread. An 8 -32 threaded rod is attached to the magnet with two nuts and washers. The spool was place over the threaded rod. A cork stopper is on top of the threaded rod to hold the spool in place. The cork’s other purpose is to hold the needle.  

Step 8: Final Assembly

The station works great.

Sorry, for the pictures: I lost the build pictures, so I had to use the assembly for the provided photos.     

Future design elements will be a magnetic razor blade to cut the thread and a fixture to split the core to get at the seeds.

I am working on a holder of the seed for threading, conceivably incorporating the seed holder in the cork.