Introduction: Arcade1up Plexiglass Replacement Washers

This Instructable is for those who ordered have received the "Deck Protector" from Arcade1up. The "Dec Protector" is to prevent the graphics from rubbing off the control deck from normal game play. Arcade1up understands this is an issue and are giving free replacement graphics and a plexiglass deck protector. You need to request it at at the time of me writing this, they are still taking orders. I decided to add washers to prevent cracking from the holes and changed the screws to stainless. This is not really a "how to" because it is pretty easy to do, just really to help people get the correct size screws and finishing washers. This should work for all of the 1st generation Arcade1up cabinets. So far I can confirm this has been done and works on the Rampage and Pac-Man cabinets.

Step 1: Getting the Screws and Finishing Washers

I got my screws and finishing washers from Home Depot, but you should be able to get these at any hardware shop. You will need four screws and four washers. Below is the details of the ones I got to make it easier.

2 = #10-24 x 2 in. Stainless Steel Phillips Flat-Head Machine Screws (2-Pack)

Model # 814701 Internet #204274837 Home Depot Store SKU #480789
Homedepot Link to Flat Head Screw

1 = #10 Stainless Steel Finishing Washer (6-Pack)

Model # 800471 Internet #204276359 Home Depot Store SKU #323922
Homedepot link to Finishing Screw

Step 2: Remove the Old Screws

Remove all four of the screws.

Step 3: Install New Flat Head Screw and Finishing Washer

Install the finishing washers and flat head screws.

Step 4: Complete

With the stainless steel screws and washers it should prevent them from getting tarnished/rusted and prevent the plexiglass from cracking.

Hope this helps.