Introduction: Archery VR Project

In this guide I will show you how to make an Archery game in VR.

Step 1: Start Unity and Download Asset Packages

The first step is to start a new project in Unity and import the bow, the file to download is -

You should also download the codes that will be used in this project to make things easier to manage

Next you will need to download Steam VR this will allow you to Program using VR.

The link to the Steam VR package is here

Step 2: Connect the Bow and Arrow to the Controllers

Once you add the Steam VR asset to the project drag the Bow under the left hand and the arrow under the right.

Add the Arrow model under the Left controller.

After that change transform options to match the pictures.

Step 3: Create the Codes

The first code we are going to create is the Arrow Manager code this will be placed under the the bow as a component. To make the script go to scripts under the Steam VR Asset and right click and select create then click on C# then copy and paste the Arrow manager code from this link and click compile.

The second Code is going to go under the Arrow Asset to do this go and create another C# Script and copy and paste the code from this link and click compile.

Step 4: Add Box Collider and Rigid Body to the Bow

Click add component and type in Box Collider and press it then change the options to what are found in the picture. Now to add the Rigid Body component type in Rigid Body and select it and change to options to what are in the picture.

Step 5: Add the Rigid Body and Box Collider to the Arrow

To do this just click component under the Arrow Asset and type Rigid Body and change the options to what is shown in the picture.

To add the Box Collider to the Arrow click on component and type Box Collider and change the options to the ones in the picture.

Step 6: Add the Map to Your Project

To add the map just follow the video found in this step.

I used this map in my project but you can use any other map you want.

Step 7: Add the Skybox

To add the skybox just download this Asset and drag it to the sky.

Step 8: Final Build

thank you for viewing this guide feel free to ask any questions about it. I hope you found that this was useful.