Introduction: Arduino Dice in Two Steps ( With Pictures)

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Hello everyone, I am going to share today how to make an interesting device. The thing I want to share is a dice, but it is not just a normal dice, this dice can let you understand a little about the principle of Arduino during the production process. However, the number of dice I made is not one to six but the one to seven, plus a controller to control when do you want to open it. After this homemade experience, you can learn them, which will be of great help to future self-made projects.

Step 1: What Material You Will Need

If you want to complete this step, you will need:

- One Arduino Leonardo

- Breadboard

- Generic jumper wires x19

- 220-ohm resistor x1 and 330-ohm resistor x7

- x7 LEDs of any color you want

-x1 switches

Step 2: Create the Circuit

Copy the code:

- Take 8 generic jumper wires respectively connect to Pin 1 ~ Pin 8, also take the 7 LEDs installation in the breadboard

- The wires connect to LEDs' anode, then the resistors connect to the cathode

- Takes another 8 generic jumper wires connects to every resistor, 7 for the resistor, 1 for GND

- Put the switches beside the 7 LEDs, then take the last resistor(220-ohm) connects to the witches' cathode

- Take one more generic jumper wires to connect the resistor

- The Last generic jumper wires connect the switches' anode and 5V

- Last, take the generic jumper that connects in Pin 8 connects to the resistor

It is a homemade activity with a lot of fun!