Introduction: Arduino on Board

This basic kit can help you mount your arduino and its accessories on a magnetic board.

You will need:
  • 3D Printer
  • Neodymium Disc 3mm x 1.5mm (or grater thickness)
  • Superglue
STL Files:
Arduino Bumper (Arduino_Bumper_0006.stl) by Eric Chu

Step 1: Printing the Bumper

Print the bumper and insert the magnets on every hole.
Put a drop of superglue in each and every hole after you placed the magnets and let it dry for few minutes.

To make sure that the arduino board will not fall when you mount it on the magnetic board you can easily 
put some screws without screwing them. The magnets are strong enough to keep them in place.

Step 2: Battery Pack

You can't use the arduino without power right? so now we will prepare the battery pack case.

Insert the magnets and glue them as before.
Put the nuts in place and apply some pressure to insert them. 

Step 3: Breadboard

Straight forward as before: print, insert, glue
Peel of the sticker cover and insert the breadboard into the case and press it to make sure it will stick to the case.

Step 4: Accessories - Mirror

You can use a 1.5cm X 1.5cm mirrors with this print.
Insert the mirror into the slot and put the cover.
You can also print the laser case.

It is possible that the board is not smooth, you can put a paper under the mirror case to adjust the angle of reflection. 

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