Introduction: Art Work With Aluminium Foil Over Cardboard

The picture you see above is an Art work with Aluminium foil over Card Board

Please go through the instructable on how to make this art work very easily

Step 1: Items Required

  • A printout of a line drawing. Here I have the picture of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus
  • A suitable cardboard
  • Synthetic Resin Adhesive
  • Aluminium foil
  • Black colored liquid Shoe Polish
  • Nail Polish of any color. I have used light green

Step 2: Glue Picture to Cardboard

  • Lay the line drawing on the cardboard
  • Trim excess from the picture as well as from the cardboard
  • Apply glue on the cardboard and stick the line drawing over it

Step 3: Apply Synthetic Resin Adhesive

  • Start from one end and apply a thick layer of Synthetic Resin Adhesive over the lines. The thicker the layer you will get good projection
  • Allow the glue to dry completely. Check with your fingers before proceeding further

Step 4: Wrap Aluminium Foil

  • Measure the Aluminium foil including for folding at the back and cut
  • Wrap the Aluminium foil over the cardboard, press and fold two adjacent edges to the back
  • With your fingers press the aluminium foil over the layers of dried glue from the folded ends
  • Once you get the proper shape of glued lines on the Aluminium foil, fold other edges at back and stick with tape

Step 5: Apply Shoe Polish and Nail Polish

  • First apply a light layer of shoe polish all over the Aluminium foil, highlighting the protruding lines
  • Then apply nails polish on the inside of line drawing with a brush
  • Wipe off excess shoe polish with a moist piece of cotton cloth

The Art piece is ready, which you can display it in your home

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