Rangoli Stencil With Waste Plastic Casing




Introduction: Rangoli Stencil With Waste Plastic Casing

We decorate our home with Rangoli during festivals. Most of the Rangoli designs are drawn by hand with colored Rangoli powders. It takes lot of time and patience. So I have tried to make a Rangoli Stencil with a left-over round plastic casing

Step 1: Clean Plastic Casing

While we were carrying out some alteration works at home, the construction workers used Silicone sealant and left the empty plastic casing at our home.

I have used the casing to make the Rangoli Stencil

The inside of the plastic casing was not clean. So I have cleaned with soap water with an old tooth brush and rinsed in clean water

Step 2: Glue a Design Over the Plastic Casing

  • I have searched for some designs to be used as stencil and found a small flower design in the net
  • Now I need to take a print out of these design to match the dimensions of the casing.
  • I took few printouts, wrapped them over the plastic casing and then adjusted the layout and size in the computer to suit the casing
  • The final printout is then glued to the outer surface of the plastic casing

Step 3: Drill Holes on the Design

  • Once the glued design dries out, then small holes are required to be drilled over the paper and casing
  • My brother helped me and drilled holes with a Dremel Rotary tool on the design

Step 4: Cap for the Stencil

  • One side of the plastic casing is closed and the other side is fully open.
  • When I added Rangoli powder in the stencil and start rolling, some of the powder spilled out through the openig
  • So I made a cap with card-stock to the suitable size

Step 5: Rangoli With Stencil

  • Cleaned inside of the stencil with an old toothbrush and removed left-overs during drilling
  • Then filled 1/3rd of the plastic casing with white colored Rangoli powder
  • Place the stencil on a flat surface and then slowly rolled it
  • The Rangoli powder dropped through the holes and formed the flower design on the surface
  • You can continue to roll the stencil on the floor and form beautiful flower shapes in a row

Please see design made with the stencil in the last two pictures

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