Introduction: Art on Rock

Hello! Every one hope you all are fine. I made something for you all. This time I made different type of leaves of rock as you all can see in photo to learn how to draw scroll down to see steps.


I really will happy if you love this work and vote for it.

Step 1: Rock Art

As you all can see in photo I have taken some rocks from outside to make my drawing. So I have done white colour to give it a background.

Step 2: Colouring of Rock

in this you can see that to one rock I have given the shade of dark blue and sky blue and other I have given yellow colour.

Step 3: Shaded Paint

In this now on yellow rock I have drawn pattel with orange colour and on other white Rock I have made leave with red colour.

Step 4: Colouring of Last Rock

In this first I drawn a leave with a black marker and then on that I have done yellow colour like this I have made on other rock with pink and sky blue colour.

Step 5: Art Done

Now you have given them shade with different and beautiful colour so this is ready to post. Now you all can also try this art. thank you for viewing.