Introduction: Artificial Paper Bunch for Decoration

Hello all,

In this video you will learn to make bunch of attractive artificial flowers for decoration. Hope you all like the video. Share and support if you like it.

Materials required:

1. Crepe Paper/ Cloth/Color Paper

2. Stick

3. Thread

4. Floral tape

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Step 1: Artificial Flowers for Decoration

Step 2: Take a Small Piece of Paper or Cotton and Crush It to Make a Bunch

Step 3: Wrap It With Color Paper or Crepe Paper

Step 4: Tie Them by Using Thread

Step 5: Cover the Bottom Portion of the Bunch With Green Floral Tape or Color Paper

Step 6: Similarly Make Several Pieces

Step 7: Take a Metal Wire or Stick and Wrap It With Floral Tape or Green Crepe Paper

Step 8: Join All the Bunch Together to the Stick

Step 9: Now Our Flower Bunch Is Ready for Decoration