Introduction: Showpiece From Paper

Hello everyone,

In this video you will learn to make easy and attractive showpiece from waste paper. Share and support for more videos

Materials required:

1. Newspaper/ Waste paper

2. Glue/ Hotglue Gun

3. Colour paper

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Step 1: Make Paper Tubes by Placing Pen at One End , Roll It and Glue at Other End to Secure It

Step 2: Make Several Paper Tubes

Step 3: Place Two Strong Tubes, One Horizontally and Another One Vertically

Step 4: Place Any Smooth Object Over It and Start Weaving As Shown in the Tutorial

Step 5: Make Two Weaving Patterns

Step 6: Join Them Together to From Heart Shape

Step 7: Make Roses From Paper for Decoration

Step 8: Our Final Showpiece Is Ready for Decoration