Introduction: Holder From Paper

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In this video you will learn to make a storage box. This is very simple and looks attractive. Hope you like the video. Share it with your friends if you like the video and don.t forget to subscribe and motivate me to upload more videos.

Materials used 1. Newspaper/ Paper

2. Pen / Smooth object

3. Glue

4. Scissors

5. Paint

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Step 1: Take Two Cardboards of Same Size and Wrap It With Newspaper

Step 2: Place Both the Cardboards Diagonally

Step 3: Make Paper Tubes by Placing Pen at the End and Apply Glue at the End to Secure It

Step 4: Make Several Paper Tubes and Cut Them to Equal Pieces

Step 5: Place the Tubes at the Corner As Shown and Follow the Pattern

Step 6: Repeat the Process Till You Reach the Desirable Height of the Holder

Step 7: Paint It According to Your Wish

Step 8: Now Our Holder From Paper Is Ready