Introduction: Artist Folder

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My girlfriend told me she wants to become an artist... and I also know, that she doesn't like sweets. So I decided to make her an Artist folder for a valentine's day! (Yeah I know it's been quite a long time ago, but I was too busy to make an Instructable O:-) )

Things you will need:

- cardboard
- rubber band
- pencil and ruler
- glue
- scissors and/or scalpel
- paints
- equipment

I'm not very good in english, so try to look at the photos, if you couldn't understand some steps ;)

As a first step, choose an appropriate cardboard. I found out that old shoe box is just fine, beacuse it has a lid and is about a size of A4 format. Then I unfolded it, but I kept the lid. After that I "closed" it and draw the line, then cut the sides and the whole shape. Now take another cardboard and make two same rectangulars, which would fit into the lid. One of them will hold the equipment and the second one will hold the papers. Take the first one and design some lines according to your equipment. Next step is to make some holes for a rubber band which will hold the pencils. When you have them, just put the rubber through the first one and make a simple knot. Then stretch it through the cardboard. It's good to make "rubber loops" with your equipment in so it will have the desired dimensions. When you're ready with holding part, glue it to the lid of folder. After that take your second rectangle card and add some pieces of rubber band onto it. Just wrap it around the corner and glue it on the back side. Then glue the whole piece to the oposite side of the folder. Next step is to add some "closing mechanism". I just glued some long pieces of carboard on the bottom of the folder and then made some "pockets" on the top. But you can make whatever you like. I was also thinking about piece of fabrics and buttons. Or some cords and just to tie them. It's up to you ;)
Now you're almost done! :) Just add some inspirative quote and paint it - I let this step on her as her first task ;)
Aaand it's finished!

I was in a little hurry so I know, it's not perfect! But she said she like it - and I hope you guys do too :)