Introduction: Artwork Pegboard

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I wanted to put a pegboard behind my studio door to hold audio cables and headphones, but I didn't want to have look at an ugly sheet of pegboard all the time. What is a boy to do? Well, this boy went ahead and laser cut his own pegboard out of acrylic and painted on a really awesome graphic. This makes the whole thing much more suitable to hang on my wall. Why settle for just a pegboard when you can also have a work of art?

Warning: This Instructables contains the cartoon depiction of material that may offend some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

A 2' x 3' sheet of 1/8" white acrylic
A 1' x 2' sheet of 1/4" acrylic
An awesome Epilog laser cutter
Some pegboard pegs
20 3/8" aluminum binding barrels
3' punched steel sheet (with holes every 3/4")
A hammer
Red, black, blue and white acrylic paint
An array of brushes
A water cup
A rag

Step 2: Laser Cut, Laser Cut, Laser Cut

Download the file below.

First raster cut the woman with the following settings
Speed: 100
Power: 80
DPI: 600

Next raster cut the background layer with the following settings:
Speed: 100
Power: 100
DPI: 600

Lastly, cut out all the vector lines with the following settings:
Speed: 10
Power: 100
Frequency: 5000

Step 3: Easy Painting

Painting in the etched area of the woman with black paint and etched area in the background with red and black paint as pictured.

This may require laying down two coats of paint so the white does not show through.

Step 4: Prep for More Painting

Peel away the protect covering from the front of the peg board. With a fine grained sand paper, sand around the inside of the woman's outline. Be careful not to send any of the black areas you just painted.

Step 5: Hard Painting

Paint the woman purple as pictured. Keep laying down layers of paint until it appears uniform.

Touch up any mistakes with red or black paint. I found I had to go over a lot of the outline again with black paint using a fine tipped brush (perhaps that's just me).

Step 6: Edges

For a nice touch, wrap the painting around the edge to the side of the acrylic.

Step 7: More Laser Cutting

Cut out the two brackets from the 1/4" acrylic using the following file attached below.

The setting I used were:
Speed: 7
Power: 100
Frequency: 5000
Passes: 2

Step 8: Bend the Metal

Clamp your metal rods between to sheets of stiff metal and make two bends to form indentical "u" shapes on both rods. The base of the "u" should be just wider than your door frame, which in my case was around 1-1/2".

Step 9: Clamp

Peel off the protective cover from the back side of the pegboard.

Sandwich the acrylic brackets between the rod and the pegboard. Line up the holes and the rods so that they match on both sides. Insert the barrel through from the bottom and the cap through from the top. Hammer it fastened shut. Repeat this with all the bolt holes.

Step 10: Hang and Use

Hang the board over your door, insert the pegs and put it to use.