Introduction: As Seen on Instructable - the Pocket Hose Holder

The're cheezy, the're lame, they promise not only will it look good as new, but it tastes great too!

Yes, I am talking about those wiz bang product ads we watch at 3AM, while soldering our latest project and think

"Hey I can use one of those"

Well, I bought a "Pocket Hose" at Home Depot and was curious (but not enthusiastic) that it would
"Work as advertised" so I did my own experiments, and have made a Instructables about it!

Step 1: But "will It Blend"

They promise this hose will not burst, or kink, or freeze, will return to a small size when water is emptied.
you can store it in your pocket, carry it without tangling, cure cancer, yadda yadda!

Reading reviews of it online, one of the constant problems people encountered was the hose would burst after a few uses
So I added in a 'flow restrictior, by taking a top of a plastic container and cutting it to the size of a hose washer and drilling a 3/8"
hole into the center, so this way there would not be a 'burst of pressure' but still keep water pressure good

Step 2: Storing the Sucker

Because of its small size, and cloth coating, a normal hose reel, or wrap would not work, and the 50' hose does really shrink down to the size of a large coffee can when its empty, so I bought a small plastic flower pot, drilled a 3/4" hole in  the base, and put the hose thru the hole..

Step 3: Adding the Flower Pot / Hose Holder

It's a pretty simple project. Cost about $20 for the hose, $8.00 for the plastic flower pot, and $1.00 for the Teflon tape.

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