Introduction: Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade and Gun

Hello there instructables. This is my first instructable so please comment and tell me how to improve. Rate dont hate tell me what you think by rating it. Ok So here is my Assassin's Creed hidden blade and gun it is reliable and easily used.
It uses:
*6 yellows
*14 red
*6 grey
*1 white
*5 orange
* 5 green rods (not including gun ammo)
*3 white (could have more for ammo instead of green ammo)
*4 red
* 4 blue ( maybe one extra for pushing the bullet into the gun)
*2 y connectors
*1 female ball joint
Rubber bands
* 1 (64) rubberband for the blade and 3 for the gun
*2 small rubberbands for the blade holder ( small ones like the kind the dentist give you for your braces)

Ok now go get those pieces!

Step 1: Blade

Build it by the picturure and captions. Sorry for having the step by step. I cant take the thing apart for fear of messing it up.

Step 2: Blade Section

Ok now we build the main body the the blade is in and the gun is attached to.

Step 3: The Gun

This isnt to hard to make  and it isnt to specail. It has a block trigger :( but i made it to where you pull a string to fire :) .
Build from the pics

Step 4: Putting the Pieces Together and Rubberbanding

Step 5:

Congrats on making it. Now If you have a splint or if you skate board have a wrist pad like this tie it to that and go kill some templars :D .
Note: i dont play assassin's creed so dont hate me for that.
Note 2 : to make the blade come out push it in a bit and it should pop out.
Note 3 : Ty zean for the idea on the mech for the blade.
TY all And please rate and comment.
Also please feel free to post constructive critisizen though hateful, bashful, racist, sexist, bullying to other people, or just plain innapropriate comments will be deleted either by me or by the community.