Introduction: Knex HCS

Hello there everybody. Today I bring you the HCS or Heavy Crossbow System. Pros -Not terribly heavy -Decent range (90-100ft) -Easy to build -Easy to load -Many types of ammo Cons - Not the best sights -Uses many pieces - Drop and accuracy loss after 80 ft

Step 1: Pieces Needed

Rods -Green 34 -Blue 128 -Yellow 44 -Red 2 -White 12 Connectors -Yellow 66 -Purple 3d 140 -Blue 3d 38 -White 3 -Orange 4 -Red 2 Exotics -Blue spacers 14 -Blue and Black Hinge 1 -Grey spacers 2 -Large wheel 4

Step 2: The Bow

This is quite simple just follow the pictures. If You need help just ask in the comments. 1. The rubber band holders go from bottom to top; blue spacer, wheel, grey spacer, wheel 2.This is the front view 3.This is the bottom view 4.This is the top view. On the middle rod there are 5 blue spacers on each side of the white 5.This is another look at the front view 6.This is the back view.

Step 3: The Body

This is in 2 parts the top and bottom. 1. This is the top piece 2. This is a close up of how the top should look 3. This is the bottom piece of the body 4. This is a close up of the bottom part of the body 5. The bottom of the bottom

Step 4: The Trigger

The toughest part

Step 5: Assembly

Assemble as shown

Step 6: Loading and Ammo Types

Steps 1. Place it on the ground as shown 2. Lock the trigger by pulling it all the way back 3. Nock the arrow and place knee on one side of the bow 4. Pull arrow all the back into the space above the trigger and make the holes line up 5. Push the trigger forward to lock the arrow in place. 6. Aim down the sights and pull the trigger Ammo types 1. Fin ammo 2. Stun ammo (makes a large noise against boxes) 3. Tipped ammo (can be sharpened) 4. Regular ammo

Step 7: Outro

Disclaimer: i do not take any responsibility for any injuries and or death caused by this weapon. Nor do i take responsibility for any damages caused with this weapon. Now that thats out of the way I hope you have tons of fun with this gun. Please post your thoughts on the gun -Me
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