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Introduction: Assorted Artwork

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I was looking through some of the other entries to the I Made It Photo Contest, and I noticed that a lot of them were just displaying peices of art.  So I of course figured, "I can do that!", and went to go take some pictures.  The first painting is one of my dog, Coco, who can be seen in my photos on my profile.  It is an image from when he was a couple months old, and he loved to sit in the backyard on a little plastic muskoka chair.  The image that I copied it from is also in the pictures.  The other two are art assignments from school.  The Coca-Cola bottle was supposed to be an abstract assignment, and for the sailor cat, we were supposed to combine two paintings.  I will give you a hint:  one of the paintings is by Picasso, and the other one was just a simple print of a cat by another artist.  Leave your guesses of the artists and painting's names in the comments.  If you want to see some sculpture art of mine, check out my instructable on metal spoon flowers.  If you liked this instructable, please rate it, check out my profile, and vote for me in the I Made It Photo Contest.  Thanks!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    :D Wow! I especially like the coke bottle! :D