Introduction: Atmega 8\xx8 Standalone (noquartz) Like Arduino Programing

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This is part of my second instructable for repairing printing press.

Reason for creation this instructable - I spend a few days to find right way for programming atmega8 with Arduino IDE. I can’t find Useful manual how to do this.

What hardware we need:

1. ATMEGA 8\xxx


What software we need

1. Arduino IDE 1.06!!!!

2. AVRDUDE_PROG or check attached zip with avrdude

MAST READ!!!! check image on left-bottom side this will be your USBASP connection.

Step 1: Arduino Side

1. (pic1)
Tools=>Boards=>Arduino ng xxxxxx

2. (pic2) On Arduino IDE - load your sketch and pres check-button

3. (pic3) when checking completed without errors go to c:\users\_your_user_name\local\temp\build xxxx

(Locate folder like buildxxxxxxxxx newest one)

On this folder locate file with HEX extension. This will be your compiled and ready to upload program


Check next step

Step 2: Upload Your Scetch to Atmega8

Download program from intro-step,
unzip and run it

1. Pic1

1. Select your language

2. Select your MCU

3. Connect your MCU and click this button. If connection will be established - you’ll get message in HEX field

4. IMPORTANT!!!! Check this field for your FUSE. If you don’t know what it is FUSE - just check this checkbox.

2. Pic2

1. Pres this button and locate your file

2. Press program button and you HEX sketch will be uploaded to MCU. IF any error will occur - you'll get message

3. After successful upload - check Verify button

3. Pic3

1. Fuse calculator