Introduction: Authumn Leaves Choker

Do you want something unique for a party or even for everyday

wear, something that will make you stand out and express your personality. Then why not try and do it yourself!

This unique leather chocker is inspired by the changing of the seasons. The nature shading its skin for a new begining.It has a simple nad clean style.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. Pig skin- 30cm long and 4cm wide

Pig skin(leather) is best know for carving, so when buying the leather make sure its thickness is suitable for carving onto it.

2. Lace or chain- 10cm

3. Knife- sharp

4. A pen withouth any ink left in the tube or a special cool for lining

5. Hammer

6. Swivel knife( carving knife)

7. Stamping Leather tool

8. Sponge

9. Water cup

10. Working table( for the cutting)

11. Beeswax

Step 2: Step 2: Counturing

If your leather piece is bigger than the size of your choker that

is fine. You can start first by downloading and printing the pattern into A4 piece of white paper. And then cutting the pattern.

Then wetting your leather with a bit of water with the sponge. Do not put too much mater on the leather. It should be 40% wet. The best way is to wet the leather and then to wait for a few minutes to dry a bit (but not fully) and then start working on it. This step will be repeated constantly throughout the project.

After wetting the leather, put the pattern over it and use a bit of tape to make it stay in place.

After the pattern is in place start contouring over it with the pen or using the leather contouring tool. Put a bit of pressure, in order for the pattern to be able to be visible on the leather. Try to work as fast as possible in order for the leather to stay wet.

After countering the leaver pattern, remove the paper and if there are invisible places put back the paper and contoure them again.

Step 3: Step 3: Carving the Leather

After the contouring is finished you will be left with the
pattern drawn on the leather.

And now its time to start carving. Wet your skin again, wait for a few minutes and start carving the pattern.

Use pressure while using the knife but do not cut right through the leather.

Step 4: Step 4: Cut the Bottom Leaves

When the carving is all done you can take your sharp knife and

start cutting one side of the leather choker following the line of the leaves. The cleaner you cut the leaves the better.

Use pressure while using the knife and be mindful of your fingers. You may need to cut into the leather multiple times until you make a clean cut.

Step 5: Step 5: Stamping

Now that the bottom leaves are cut, wet the leather yet again

and you can start stamping onto the leather. I am using EMS 10-01 stamping tool.

Go around the carving line putting the top of the tool towards the leave while the bottom should be outside. Using the hammer to put pressure on start stamping the tool.

If you are new to leather carving there are some very good instruction videos on youtube on how to start and how to use properly the tools.

Step 6: Step 6: Finishing

Clean the leather, let it dry and put beeswax for a finer

finish. If you wish for the collar to have another color, before using the beeswax you can paint it. However I liked the natural color so i only applied the beeswax and some glitter.

At the ends cut a hole for the lace and then put the lace on.

Step 7:

Adjust the lace or chain and check out which way you like it

best. I personally made a bow in the back of the neck, as it gives the choker a more naturel and cute feel to it.

And you are done! Good job!

*This intractable is not suitable for kids as it uses sharp objects.

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