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This is my first instructable, so please bear with me

You are absorbed in middle of an interesting book. And all of a sudden, someone bumps into you and SLAM shuts the book! You didn't even get time to bookmark the page and now you will have to painstakingly go through all the chapters to find out where you left. Now worry no more. This automatic bookmark keeps track of the page you are reading ... well, automatically! Even if the book is closed accidentally it will stay in place and let you start off immediately

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. Cardboard (shown here is piece of cornflakes box)
2. Piece of regular printer paper. You can draw or print your design. I have printed "hand" dings

1. Pair of scissors
2. Black marker
3. Glue (shown here is PVA glue, but paper glue will work too)

Step 2:

Sketch the pattern shown in the figure on the card and then cut out along the black lines

Step 3:

Cut out the pattern on the printer paper

Step 4:

Paste the hand on the card paper as shown.

Step 5:

Let your bookmark dry and it is ready to use!
Tuck it to the last pages or the cover like a paper clip. This works like an anchor for the pointer

Step 6:

Place the pointer on the page you are reading.
As you read simply turn the page and the pointer will jump up and settle on the new page!

Step 7: A Simpler 5-mintes Version of the Automatic Bookmark

Step 8: Video of Automatic Bookmark in Action!

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