Introduction: Simple Quilled Cube Earrings

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This simple to make, cubical quilled earring would be attention grabber anywhere you go!

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • Nose pliers
  • A square section wooden rod, or a specialized quilling tool available here
  • White PVA glue
  • Toothpick (not shown in photographs), alternatively use the specialized quilling tool like this


  • Eye pins. Available here
  • Jump rings, 22 gauge, 4mm. Available here
  • Earring hooks. Available here
  • Quilling paper strips

Step 2: Square Side: Wrapping

Wrap a length of quilling strip on the square wooden rod or the specialized quilling tool.

Squeeze the edges firmly around the block every few turns so that the square has nice sharp corners.

Step 3: Square Side: Pasting and Removing

Keep applying glue after every 3 - 4 winding to prevent the paper from unwinding.

Once done, apply some more PVA glue to finish the square.

If needed, give the edges one nice crease to ensure that the folds are in place.

Step 4: Square Side: Multiply!

A cube has 6 sides, and you need to make a pair of these for the earrings. So you would need to make 12 such squares.

Be patient and keep winding :)

Step 5: Putting the Cube Together: Edge Gluing

Hold two of the squares firmly in hand and apply some PVA glue along the edge.

Keep holding for a minute or so till the glue sets in. If the two pieces fall apart, dont panic. Simply hold them together and glue along the edge again.

Does the glue line appear bad? Dont worry, it will disappear once dried!

Step 6: Putting the Cube Together: Roof!

Once you paste 3 or 4 side squares you can paste the square, which forms the roof of the cube.

Do this in similar fashion as well. Hold the glued pieces together and place the roof piece on top. Then gently glue the edges of the squares together.

Step 7: Putting the Cube Together: Dry!

Let the cubes sit for about couple of hours to dry.

Observe that the white glue has dried and the white lines have disappeared, leaving nice, strong and clean cube in place!

Step 8: Center Square Bead

Pick a strip of quilling paper of your choice. We chose yellow!

Wrap a length of the paper, and give it a firm squeeze. Wrap some more, and give a squeeze along right angle. This would form a square shaped bead.

Keep wrapping the paper, creasing the edges as needed.

Finally, glue the end of the paper to complete the bead.

Step 9: Top Quilling Beads

Simply wrap a piece of quilling strip tightly on the toothpick. Glue the end. Your top bead is read!

Step 10: Assembling

You will have the following things ready by this step.

Ensure that things are in place: A pair each of quilled cubes, center bead, top bead, jump rings, earring hook and earring pins.

Step 11: Assembling the Beads

Pick up the looped pin.

insert the beads in this order, with the looped end of the pin grasped firmly between your fingers:

loop end -- top bead -- cube -- center bead

Step 12: Closing the Looped Pin

Once the beads are strung in the wire, hold the free end in nose pliers.

Invert the assembly with the looped end facing down.

Holding the looped end, make a small loop on the free end, to prevent the center bead from coming out. If needed apply a drop of PVA glue to the loop you made to paste the loop and the center bead.

Step 13: Jumping the Ring!

Using the nose pliers split the jump ring open.

Insert the loop of the looped pin and earring hook into the open ring.

Close the open ends of the jump ring using the pliers. Simply bring the ends of the jump ring in the same plane so that they are touching each other. Give the ring a firm squeeze with the pliers so that the ends stay together.

Step 14: Finish :)

You can now wear the earrings and show them to the world!

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