Introduction: Autumn DIY: Make Orange Flower Hair Clip

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Beaded hair clip for autumn! I use orange seed beads, white pearl and copper wire to DIY flower hair clips, it is so easy and you can make one for your girls, so follow me to learn how to make flower hair clip.

Step 1: Materials on Making Flower Hair Clips

Step 2: Make Basic Flower Hair Clip

1st, prepare a forty cm 5mm copper wire, thread 12 seed beads to wire, wrap a loop and twist the wire to fix the loop, then add 12 seed beads to wire, wrap a loop and twist the wire, continue to make other three petals;

Step 3:

2nd, add 20 seed beads to wire, wrap a loop surround the small petal, repeat to make other 4 petals, cut down extra wire and conceal in case stab you;

Step 4: Finish DIY Flower Hair Clips

Thread a white pearl bead to a ten cm 3mm copper wire, place it to the center of the orange flower, fix it with copper wire, at last, fix the flower to the hair clip with copper wire, the flower hair clip is done.

Step 5:

Step 6: The Final Look of This Orange Flower Hair Clip: