Introduction: Auxiliary CD Stereo Input Hack

Here's how to add an Aux input to a car CD stereo.

Step 1: Introduction

This is the CD stereo system. This Aux will apply to most vehicles with
analog CD players. It will give you CD quality sound, and not have any static or interference like an FM transmitter does. It also won't look like a riced out Honda Civic with an aftermarket christmas tree colored radio, and will retain the classic Corolla interior design.

First things first. Empty the ashtray of all the change.

Your gonna need all you can find.

Step 2: Remove the Radio

Use a screw driver to remove pop off the vent:

Then four screws to remove the radio. Gotta love Toyota for keeping it so easy to remove the radio.

Step 3: Disassemble the Radio

Now its time to put that hard earned change to work. Go to an
electronics store and buy a 3.5mm stereo cable and a blank CD (if you can still those for sale, hah).

Pop off the radio face and remove all the screws you can see:

Now's a good time to change those stereo LED's from green to white LED's. I've got another video on that:

Now remove the CD player and motherboard:

Step 4: Solder the AUX Wire to the Motherboard

Flip the motherboard over and look for the L-out, R-out and GND lines on
the board. I used a continuity tester to trace them to solder points that are easier to solder to:

Strip the 3.5mm cable, and determine which is left, right and ground:

Before soldering it up, run the wire through the case:

All soldered up:

Step 5: Reassembly

Put a piece of tape to prevent the wire from pulling too much and button things back up:

Now its time to reinstall into the car:

Step 6: Test It Out!

Burn a silent music track on your CD. This will trick the stereo to play
from the CD lines, but instead, it will play from your device:

And that's it, now you can enjoy full CD quality stereo sound on your Corolla for less than $5!