Introduction: Average Drawing Speed

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Perhaps like yourself I spend alot of my time drawing. I've started to become more curious about the analytics of my drawing. As a simple first step I wanted to know what my average drawing speeds were with regards to different markers I use to help me better gage how long large and smaller scale works might take.

This is what you will need to work out your average speeds.

What you will need: Paper, String, Timer, Pens/Markers, Ruler, Scissors.

Step 1: Draw and Time

Tip: Have a friend be the keeper of time.

(They press start on the timer as you start to draw).

Start the drawing and time it from start to finish. You could also repeat this process with each marker to give your self more of an overview at the end.

Step 2: Trace and Measure

Take the string and trace over your drawing. Cut the string at the end of the drawing then measure.

Now you have the time noted that it took to create the drawing and the length of the drawing measured in string.

Step 3: Calculate

My results.

  1. Staedtler F Size: 1.9 inches per second
  2. Staedtler M Size: 2.9 inches per second
  3. Krink K-71 4 inches per secondKrink
  4. Krink K-51 5 inches per second