Introduction: Awesome Crochet Top

This is a homemade crochet Top.In this instructable I will teach you how to make a crochet top and a crochet flower to attach to the top to make it look wonderful.

The Pattern is quite simple.I will provide you instructons on how to make this pattern.

It looks wonderful when worn.

Step 1: Bottom Lace

Frontside Instructions:

Rows are from Bottom..

Row 1: 110 Chains
Row 2: 110 Chains - Double Crochet
(Just look at Bottom Border)

Step 2: Main Pattern

Row 3: Single Crochet in First Chain,5 Chains,Skip 4 Chains,Single Crochet in fifth Chain
             Then 3 Chains and Single Crochet in next chain
             (Image Attached)
             Complete the Row.
             Keep on repeating the same pattern upto end.

Step 3: Backside,Sleeves and Neck

Sleeves: Reduce the number of Chains as you go upper and the Row number Increases.
Neck:Give the Shape of the Neck by Reducing Chains as desired.
Backside:Same Pattern an Backside

Now join Both Front and Back Side from Shoulders and Sides.You Get your TOP ready.Now just need to add flower.Follow next Step to see How to make it.

Step 4: How to Make and Add a Flower

Instruction Shows how to make a Single Flower Shown in Image

Pink Part:

8 chains and make a ring
24 Double Crochet in ring

Peacock Blue Part:

1 Single Crochet in First Double Crochet
4 chains,Skip 2 chains
1 Single Crochet in Next Chain
Complete the row
Make 8 loops

In each loop 2 Single Crochet
2 chains in Next single Crochet
3 chains in Same Single Crochet
2 Chains in same Single Crochet
Then 2 Single Crochet in Same loop
Copmplete the Row

Same as Peacock Blue

Step 5:

Finally Your TOP is ready.

Wear it and make yourself a nice Show.

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