Introduction: Awesome Koi Pond

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Hello Friends! We live in sunny Florida were we have beautiful weather most of the year. We started this project in April 2020 and finished in Mid May. We have about 11 koi ranging in sizes between 8 and 24 inches. They were in a fairly small pond (500 gallons) and we have been dreaming of upgrading for a while. They deserved a larger space. Now they are swimming in a 4,500 gallon pond! We created an amazing space for them and they seem very happy.

Step 1: Digging the Hole.

We wanted the fish to have depth so it is quite deep.

Step 2: Placing the Form.

Next, wooden form and rebar was used as reinforcement before the concrete was poured. Drains, plumbing, and lighting were installed just prior to this step. The bottom drains are called "The Koi Toilet".

Step 3: Peg Board

We used peg board to create a form to keep the concrete from spilling over and to hold its shape. Two viewing windows are being installed so room is being left in the rebar for these.

Step 4: Concrete!

Seventeen yards of concrete was used to create this pond!! It took several hours to push the concrete into place.

Step 5: Shaping

As the concrete started to take its shape, we sculpted it into rock formations and smoothed out the interior.

Step 6: Sealing and Filling

After the concrete dried, it was cured with acid and rinsed thoroughly. It was allowed to rest. Pond Armour paint was used to seal and coat the interior of the pond. The paint gave the interior a rubberized texture. The paint was allowed to cure and dry. Then we filled it with treated city water which takes out the chlorine and impurities.

Step 7: Exterior Paint

The exterior of the pond was airbrushed to look more like natural rock with "fish safe" paint.

Step 8: Window

We enjoy our windows and so do our pets!!

Step 9: Interior Lighting

We installed interior lights and we are glad we did. It brings a beautiful touch for nighttime viewing.