Introduction: Unique Dragon Egg Candle Holder or Planter

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Your are going to love this project!!! And have fun doing it!! This is a tutorial about making unique cement Dragon eggs that can be used as a candle holder, planter or whatever your heart desires....within reason (they are kinda fragile). Enjoy ♥️


Balloons, scissors, 500 ml water bottles (empty), Cement-all, sharp razor blade, plastic bowl or cup, spoon, gloves, balloon air pump, paint, protective eyewear.

Step 1: Getting Started

For this project, we need a funnel. I have plenty or funnels but none that I wanted to destroy so I made one out of an empty water bottle. Just saw it apart a quarter way up and take the lid off and now you have a disposable funnel.
Check your balloons for holes by blowing them up and then letting the air out. Attach the balloon to the funnel as seen in the photo.
Mixing the cement doesn't require exact measurements. You don't want it too soupy during this step but you don't want it so thick that its thick like oatmeal either.....mix it like pancake batter. This is quick setting cement, so work swiftly my little chickens. If your mix is too thick or thin, add more water or cement by the spoonful....and mix mix mix!!

Step 2: Blowing Up Your Balloons

Since your balloon is already attached to the funnel and your cement is mixed, you are ready to pour. Gently and slowly pour your cement into the funnel. You'll see the air bubble come out of the balloon, then top it off. When your balloon is full of cement, remove it from the funnel and use your balloon hand pump and blow it up to the size of a softball-ish size. Tie the balloon!! Immediately, roll the balloon around to coat the inside. Roll roll roll!!! It will get warm. Set your balloon on a soft surface but remember to change it's position every 30 seconds. Start your next balloon.

Step 3: Breaking the Balloon

The exciting part!! Opening the balloon. First, I can't tell you how many eggs I've had shatter at this stage, so if this happens, it's okay. Your ballons will be warm during the during stage. When they are hard and cool, they are ready...around 30-40 minutes. Using your razor blade, gently cut the balloon. The balloon should just pooof! Disappear!! No, not really, but it will shrink (sometimes breaking the egg) but little breaks are good. The balloon may stick in some parts, just peel it off carefully.

Step 4: Creating the Hatch Hole

Once your egg is out of the balloon, it probably already has a hole, or two or three. If the existing hole needs to be bigger, pinch off tiny pieces with your fingers until the opening is the size and shape you desire. Your she'll is going to be really fragile!! This next step can be done before or after your make your hatch hole. Using a clean cup, make a new batch of cement mixture. This time, add more water to make it more soupier than before, like pancake syrup. Pour it inside of the egg and roll it around the inside of the egg and try to coat all of your weak spots. Set it aside and let it dry.

Step 5: Painting! Yay!

For the paint, I selected Folkart brand and Ceramcoat brand Acrylic craft paint. I associated dragon eggs with green and gold but don't limit yourself to these. Go nuts with your colors! I also used Sulyn extra fine sapphire and 24k glitter. (Non toxic) . Using a brush with soft bristles, gently paint the inside of the egg with your desired color. Let it dry. Use sparkles...or not. Or leave it plain. Decorate however you'd like.

Step 6: Putting Your Eggs to Use

Now your eggs are bee-u-tee-full! Delicate but beautiful. I have chosen two ways to use them. Candle holders are always nice. Once you light the candles, the eggs will get very hot to the touch!!! Do not try and move your egg once the candle is placed will regret touching that hot shell. Votive candles work the best. Once they are lit, don't touch! I have put the eggs on a bowl of small rocks before, so I can move them or keep them on the back patio.

Another option is to create a small planter. You can use silk plants or living plants. Either option will look amazing. My photo shows silk plants.

Step 7: Bloopers

I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial. I wanted to share my trials and errors with you as I learned to make these. I also wanted to share the do's and don'ts. You can look at the photos and and laugh with me....or at me 😜. Do not use concrete, it does not work. Do not use concrete with rocks, your balloon will not understand. Do not use mortar, it does not work. Do use gloves! Concrete eats through your hands. Do wear glasses, your balloon will explode at some point. Only Cement-all works. Do not use your mouth to blow up the cement filled balloon...because I totally didn't do that....and I totally didn't regret it. Lay down a drop cloth or work in a space you don't care about. Cement and concrete does wash out of clothes! Yay! I did enjoy this project and I would do it again and again!!

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