Introduction: Awesomely Simple Text Decorations: Two Styles

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Going to be honest, I found this on Pinterest...BUT it is so simple and such an awesome idea, I had to share.

What you need:
     • mirror or canvass
     • paint
     • letters that can stick

If you choose a canvass, you will also need –
     • fabric
     • stapler

For the mirror, the steps are the simplest...

1. apply letters to the mirror 
2. paint over the entire mirror and letters
3. remove letters

For the canvass, there is only one extra step...

1. wrap the fabric flush around the canvass, and staple in place
2. apply letters to the fabric
2. paint over the entire canvass and letters
3. remove letters

I added two pictures to show you the difference. I love both ideas, and I will DEFINITELY add pictures of my own once I get to this craft. Enjoy!

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