Introduction: Origami Dracula

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I wanted to do an origami something for Halloween. The most unique one I found was Dracula. I created one and took pictures step-by-step. Then gave it to my little man. He was all smiles.

Here is how I did it...

Step 1: Preparing Paper

Choose any piece of paper, color or otherwise, and start with a square...

If you have an 8.5x11 paper, fold down the corner to the other side, and cut off the rectangle you create. Gives you a square. 

Open the square and fold it in half.

Step 2: Prepare Diamond

Make sure the open part of paper is at the bottom. Fold the top-right corner down so that the top is flush with the bottom. (excuse the "er" was apparently printed on the scrap paper I was using)

The next part is a bit difficult...

From the bottom of the folded over triangle, grab it from the center, pull it up, and push down the center to create a top and bottom triangle.

Then fold up the bottom of the will look like a rectangle with bent sides. (see the last image)

Step 3: Create Some Feet

Now it's time to mark a line and create a fold. Fold the back of the square to line up with crease along the triangle.

Open up the fold and keep the triangle on the right side.

Then, another more difficult part, push the center of the rectangle down and into the front part of the shape. Turn the triangle down and push flat. Turn it over and make sure the "legs" are on either side. It should look like the last image.

Step 4: Create a Body

Time to create more creases. These will go down the center of the legs. You can see where they go in the last image. 

Now, lift the center of the shape. As you lift to flatten it, the sides will bend in. Fold them in.

Step 5: Create Feet and the Cape

Fold down the top square, and flip over the shape. 

Fold the bottom triangles under to make feet.

Finally, fold down the top flaps of the cape.


Step 6: ~~Dracula~~

Decorate him. Color him. Paint him. I did this one with permanent marker, highlighter, and a pen. He's awesome! I also rolled up scotch tape to make sure some of his flaps wouldn't move. I think he's rather cute.

So you can see where I got this idea from (in case my directions don't help...): here is the link.
Have fun!


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