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Introduction: BMX/ Mountain Bike Pedal Maintenance

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I do some pretty Hardcore riding in the mountains near my home. Today I realized that my pedals needed a little tending to. They're actually BMX pedals as I don't ascribe to the sissy clip-less pedal fad... (I also don't have to wear sissy shoes to ride to the shop)
All pettiness aside. here's how to do some simple maintenance on your bike pedals. Many pedals are similar to this. Don't let my bitterness toward bicycle innovation get in the way!

Step 1: Remove the Pedal

...and pop the dust cover off. a little pokey tool does this just great!

Step 2: Undo the Little Nut Inside

both sides should be threaded in the "normal" threading... not "reverse" as where the pedal screws into your cranks.

Step 3: Pull the Washer Out and Unscrew the Bearing Race

At this point look in there and count how many balls there are in there. 
Don't lose any!

Step 4: Take 'em Out!

Now is the time to clean up the internal races on the pedals and inspect the ballbearings for wear. Again... make sure you don't lose any of those little buggers!

Step 5: Grease 'er Up!

I like to use a good quality bicycle grease like "Nuke Proof" or Park Tool's proprietary one.

Step 6: Put 'em Back In

Make sure you put the same number of bearings in that you took out... the grease does a good job of keeping them in place while you reassemble. Do the inside ones first and the outside ones once you've put the shaft back through the pedal.

Step 7: Reassemble!

put all the pieces back where they were. also make sure the pedal spins freely and doesn't bind on the race nut.

Step 8: Tighten 'er Up...

...and pop the dust cap on! you're done to ride another day!
easy as pie!

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