Introduction: BRB Clock

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We're all seen those be right back or back in 5 minutes signs in a variety of places, they let people know that you'll bright back (BRB). They're a convenient way to let people know when the'll be back. But what happens if you set the time to return on this sign and are running a little late? Nothing upsets people more than having to wait for you when you were supposed to be back at a specific time. Now you can save yourself from frustrated, waiting patrons by combining a will return sign with a simple analog clock. Setting the 'return' time to 5 minutes ahead of the current time people will always think you're just 5 minutes away, no matter when they look at the sign.

  • 'will return' sign
  • small analog clock
  • a stand of some kind that can hold the sign assembly when complete (I used a sheet metal book end)
  • glue
Make your own:
  • Pic #3 - Disassemble the analog clock so all that's left is the mechanism casing and the spindle that the arms rotate on, and the minute and hour hands.
  • Pic #4 - Tiers of the clock spindle; seconds, minutes, hours in descending order.
  • Pic #5 - Remove the rivet spindle in the sign clock and remove the arms and set aside
  • Pic #6 - The sign opening may need to be reamed to accommodate the analog clock spindle
  • Pic #7 - Glue the analog hour and minute hands to the corresponding hour and minute hands of the sign clock, aligning the spindle of each
  • Pic #8 - Glue analog clock to sign, attach the minute and hour hands and then glue the analog clock to your stand
Plant your BRB clock the next time you're planning on stepping out for an indeterminate amount of time, whether you're stepping out for a businessman's lunch or having to leave your convention booth to meet some amazing makers.