Introduction: Baby Formula Can Lamp

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I think that it´s such a waste to put the formula cans int the garbage. They are made with very sturdy materials, and with creativity you can transform them into amazing things.

I have my pantry, closets and craft supplies organized with these formula cans. But this time I thought about making something different.

You might have spent thousands of dollars in baby formula, but when you are creative enough to make something like this, you've saved a lot of money. After all you are a maker... if only baby formula was something you could make by yourself.

I´ll show you how to make this lamp that will make your home look stylish!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


Spray primer

Spray paint

Two formula cans

A plastic bowl (its widest circumference has to be about the same of the can)


Two pieces of pvc pipe, one smaller than the other

A toilet paper holder or paper towel holder

2 nuts

2 bolts


Silicone glue

Plastic that looks like etched. I bought mine at a craft store, it´s the same plastic used for the covers of spiral binding.

Step 2: Cut the First Can

Use the scissors to cut one of the formula cans as shown in the picture.

Then use the drill to make two hole, one on each side.

Step 3: Glue the Pipes

Use the silicone glue to stick the two pieces of pvc pipe. Then glue the widest to the piece we made on last step.

Step 4: Second Can

Put the piece of can on top of the second baby formula can, and mark where the holes are.

Then drill on those marks.

Glue the bowl to the bottom of the can.

Step 5: Lid

Cut the centre of the lid.

Because mine already had an inner circle, it was easy.

Cut the frosted plastic the same size as the lid. First paint the lid black, then glue both pieces.

Step 6: Paint

Paint everything black.

Finally assemble both parts with the nuts and bolts.

Put the flashlight inside the can and close the lid.

It looks fantastic.

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