Introduction: Back to School DIY T Shirt and Hair Clips for Kids

About: I am housewife and I have a lovely daughter. I love to spend my time with making crafts. I am Hobbyist.I love hummingbirds.

I made this Back to school DIY T-shirt and hair clips. This

is a very easy project and the kids will love too.

What you need for this project I have listed below.

Materials for Hair clip:

1) Felt

2) Pompom

3) Hair clip findings

4) Googly eyes

5) Needle and thread

6) Glue

7) Polyfill

Materials for the T-shirt :

1) Plain T-shirt

2) Fabric paint

3) Pompom

4) Googly eyes

5) Glue

Step 1: How to Make Hair Clip:

First I made draw the apple and leaf pattern and then cut the

felt accordingly. I have cut 2 pieces of felt for apple and then I sew it together and leave a very small space for filling with polyfill. Then I sew that part also. Then my apple is ready and I used few small green pompoms for making the caterpillar and I attached it with glue. And I put googly eyes for the caterpillar. Then I attached the hair clip findings to the apple. And my hair clip is done.

Step 2: How to Make T-shirt:

First using the pattern I draw an apple and a pencil on the t-shirt

then I used fabric paint for panting the apple and pencil. And before painting, I put one cardboard paper inside the t-shirt so it will not mess up. Then I let it dry the paint. After it dried I made one caterpillar using green pompoms and googly eyes and attached to the apple and I put googly eyes on pencil also. And it’s done and looking cute.