Introduction: Back to School: Notebook Pencil Case_No Sew

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Here I will show you how to make a no-sew notebook pencil case. It’s very fun project. I am sure Kids going to love this pencil case.

Let’s get started.

Material you need for this project:

1) White fabric 9x12

2) Felt (Yellow, Pink, Grey, Light Brown, Black)

3) Cotton thread (Red, Blue, Black), needle

4) Zipper

5) Hot glue

Step 1: Making Notebook:

At first, I am going to make the rule on the white fabric (9x12inch), using the ruler so it can look like notebook paper. For the border rule, I did stem stitch using red thread and the rest is the blue thread. When you finished stitching it will look like the notebook. For finishing look cut 3 circle small tiny pieces of Felt and glue it on to the fabric so it can look like notebook paper hole.

Step 2: Making Pencil, Eraser, Ruler:

Then take the yellow felt and cut it shape like the pencil and light brown for the wood area, then small tiny black felt for pencil nib, gray and pink felt used in the back of pencil eraser. Then glue it together so it can look like the pencil. Cut the pink felt into small rectangular shape for the eraser. Take the light brown felt and cut it ruler shape and stitch with black thread, it will look like ruler as you can see in my video.

Step 3: Making the Pencil Case:

Now we will take the white notebook fabric and glue on it pencil eraser and ruler using hot glue.Then you can write your name with stitching. Now decorating done. Then we will take the white notebook fabric and fold it 4 sides about half an inch using hot glue. Then we will attach the zipper with the upper and lower part of the fabric as you can see in my video. Then we will secure both sides using hot glue. Now your notebook pencil case is done.