Introduction: Balancing Rock Art (Inukshuk Cake)

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Took my son to Jasper for sightseeing and my husband taught him to build an Inukshuk. We built quite a few big ones and little ones. He had a lot of fun, we all did.

Back at home, I built him a cake in the form of an Inukshuk, which was half as tall as him and he played with it along with his toy cars lol.

Step 1: Concept Building

I use 3 trays of brownies for this cake, each tray was different in flavors, regular, peanut butter, and fudxge brownies. You can use any cakes of your preference obv. The reason am using brownies was to get the rock texture, trying to make the cake to resemble a real rock, as much as I could.

I have this long rectangular pan esp. for brownies, as shown on picture, available at most of baking stores and online.

Once cakes are cooled to room temperature, I cut them into portions as I pictured how the Inukshuk would be.

I coat them lightly with buttercream (just lightly so you wont lose the texture of the brownies. Beside buttercream, you can use sugar syrup, canned frosting, honey or jam), and cover them with white fondant.

I then drilled two holes on the cake board, as big as my dowels, then start stacking the legs, left and right, 3 cakes each.

I use one thin cake board for tummy portion and place it on the legs then top with tummy cake, which then I secured with skewers.

Keep stacking cake portions, and each time place a thin cake board and secure cakes with skewers.

Step 2: Finishing the Cake

As you may have noticed, the final cake is different to my original concept. I decided to not use the whole portions I cut as cake is already tall as is, and the balancing art looks better as is now.

Once cake is done, I sharpen a dowel and push it in through from top/head to tummy area.

Start painting the white fondant into rock colors!

Dilute black food coloring, gel, in clear vodka and start brushing your cake.

I then cover the cake board with desiccated coconut to resemble snow and decorate it with a polar bear made of fondant, swimming in a pond. Basically Canadian thing ;)

Thank you for looking!

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