Introduction: Barbequed Steamed Chicken

This chicken is extra moist and perfect for parties. It takes 16 hours marination time, eight hours in brine and another 8 hours in marination juices.

Step 1: Brine

1tb garlic paste
1tb ginger paste
Less then 1/2 tsp citric acid
2tb baking powder
3tb salt.
4kg water

3.5 kg chicken (10 pieces leg thighs) You may take whole chicken.

Step 2: Marinate for 6 Hours.

Grind the above ingredients and coat chicken with them add 4 kg water to soak in the flavour.

Step 3: Ingredients for 2nd Marinate

2tb cumin powder
2tb black pepper
2tb chicken powder( optional)
1tsp salt
2tb ginger garlic
16-17 green chillies
6 lemons
1/2 tb Garam masala
Marinate minimum for overnight or until the day of cooking ( max 24 hours)

Step 4: Method

When you are ready to cook. Heat a heavy bottom pan . Add oil, 1/4 cup or less will be enough.

Step 5:

Stack all the chicken pieces or whole chicken, meat face down.

Step 6:

Strain the liquid of the marianation and add to the meat. Cook on high for 5 minutes. Now cover and cook on low heat for a total of two hours or until extremely tender.

Step 7:

After a few minutes you will notice the water seeping out from chicken. If too much water is there don’t be frightened. This is a steaming process. Change the sides of the chicken after 1 hour cooking. You may bring the lower layer of chicken ( if using pieces) on the top and place the upper ones at the bottom for even browning. Once your chicken enough tender, simply boil away the water on high Temperature.

Step 8: Result of Steaming

Top left is oil, bottom left is cooked extra sauce of marinate ( the strained juices plus broth)

Step 9: BBQ It or Chargrill

Use the left over oil for basting. You may also use that extra sauce but I have not used as my chicken was flavourfull enough.

Step 10:

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