Introduction: Banana Parcels

We all know that banana on the BBQ is just awesome, but what if you encase it in a crunchy puff pastry shell and serve with ice cream. Yes, we are talking about the ultimate finish to your BBQ that your friend and family will not forget.

Its perfect for kids to make since its so easy and they will surely enjoy it.


  • Banana or other soft fresh fruit like peach or plum pieces
  • Chocolate (optional)
  • Puff pastry (ready rolled from the supermarket is easiest)

Step 1: Make the Parcels

Open the ready rolled puff pastry and cut into approximate 4” (10cm) squares. Add 3-5 slices of banana or other soft fruit (peaches and plums work well) and a couple of pieces of chocolate (optional) in the centre. Next close the parcels by folding the corners to the centre and squeezing so it doesn’t unfold whilst cooking.

Step 2: BBQ Time

Place the parcels on a tray suitable for a BBQ (or a piece of silver foil double thickness), I also put mine on oven paper but you might not need this and then put into the BBQ. You need to put the BBQ lid on since it needs all round heat. Cooking time will be around 20 minutes depending on the temperature. When it’s golden brown remove with care.

Step 3: It’s Showtime !

Now serve with ice cream or on its own. Tell me if that isn’t the perfect end to a BBQ. Crunch pastry followed by warm gooey banana, it doesn’t get much better that this.

Of course I had to taste many during the making of this instructable ;-)

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