Introduction: Barbie's Rainbow Sow-In

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Barbie has been know for her pink fashion sense, blue eyes, and blond hair. Well, actually, she's been famous for a lot of things! Especially for trying new things. And that's excactly what she is about to again: try out a new hairstyle. But don't worry, this transformation won't need magic this time! Just some... unusual hair products.

Step 1: Hair Products

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • A pencil (I used an 8B)
  • Red hearts neon stripe yarn
  • A needle
  • And possibly a bowl of hot water

You will also need:

  • A plastic doll (Bratz, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After high, ect...)

Step 2: Shave It Off

The first thing that you do is cut her hair as low as you can get it. When you have done that, take her head off. If you can't get it off easily, microwave a bowl of water for one minute (or until super hot), stick her head and neck into the water for about five minutes, and then try to take it off again. Now that her head is off, use the tweezers (or scissors) to pull out the glue and hair from the inside.

  • Tip: Grab some hair with the tweezers and twist to have an easier chance of pulling out more hair (pic five).

Step 3: Get Ready

Now that the head is clean and ready, take your pencil out and draw eleven even vertical rows (ten lines) on your dolls head. Put the pencil away, and take out the yarn. Cut off eleven sections of the yarn (one section is the whole color). Now cut each section of color into equal pieces. Cut them the length you want the doll's hair to be.

Step 4: The Sow-In

It's time to give Barbie her sow-in! What you want to do first is take a black piece of yarn and take it apart (it should already be twisted with four pieces; look at pic one). It's also time for frustration. Take one of the four pieces yarn and thread the needle with it. Originally, I wasn't going take the yarn apart, but after fifteen minutes and four needles I threw that method away! Anyways, after threading the needle, stick it through a hole in the first row and pull it through Barbie's neck hole. Pull the needle through with a pair of tweezers, but don't pull the yarn all the way through. Take the needle out and then double knot the end of yarn that was pulled through the neck hole. Take the other side of yarn and pull it all the way so the knotted end disappeared in the head. Do that with MOST of the holes in that section. You don't want her hair turning out too thick by filling all of them. Now move on to the next section (I used pink for this one) and do the same thing with that section and the rest of them. The order of the colors I used is in the last picture: black, pink, black, orange/peach, black, neon green, black, blue, black, purple, and black.

  • Tip: If a knot from a piece of hair (other than the one you're working on) gets caught on the needle, pull it off the needle and pull it from the other side.

Step 5: Fix Her Up

Now that you put her hair in, you might want to style it! I decided to groom her hair after I finished and not every time I put in a piece of "weave" because that took too much work and time.

  • Tip: Using a brush would probably be the best thing for her hair but should you use a comb, hold her hair by the root; start combing from the end; work your way up.
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