Introduction: Basic Double Ended Dread Installation

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In this tutorial video Doc will show you how to install Synthetic Double Ended Dreadlocks for a temporary dreadlock style that can last between 3-6 weeks.

To complete this look you will need the following items:

  1. Double Ended Dreadlock(s)
  2. Crocodile Clips
  3. Elastic Matrix Thread
  4. Rat-tailed comb
  5. Sheers
  6. Spray bottle (optional)

Ready to get started? Follow Along in the video!

Step 1: Section Hair

This is where those crocodile clips come in handy! Using the end of your comb, section off a piece of hair to braid in your double ended dreadlock. Use your clips to keep fly aways from getting pulled in to your installation, and if you have it, use a water bottle for additional control.

Step 2: Clip Your Dread in Place

If you're using our Double Ended Backcombed Synthetic Dreadlocks, there will be a section of dread that isn't backcombed, making it easy to incorporate into your braid. Clip your dreadlock into place, making sure that it is positioned so that the area that isn't backcombed lays across your sectioned hair. This will ensure that your dreadlock lays naturally at the end of the installation.

Step 3: Braid in Your Dreadlock

Split your sectioned hair in half, keeping the dreadlock in between your two strands. Using a simple 3-strand braid, braid your natural hair around the dread until you get down to the fine, wispy ends of your natural hair.

Step 4: Secure Braid

Once you've completed your braid and are down to the fine ends of your natural hair, you will take your Elastic Matrix Thread tie down the end of your braid. Take your thread and loop it around the dread and end of your braid 3 times, pull tight (making sure not to snap the thread or create too deep of an indent in your dreadlock) and tie in a few simple knots.

Step 5: Tie Down Wispy Ends

After securing your braid, hold one strand of the thread next to the fine ends of your hair, and begin to loop the other strand of hair around your dreadlock, walking it down and securing the wispy fine hairs to the dread. After the loose hair is secured to the dreadlock with thread, tie a few simple knots to ensure the entire installation stays in place, and cut away the ends.

Step 6: Removing Your Installation

When you're ready to remove your installation (this varies for every person, anywhere between 4-8 weeks) you will simply cut away your thread and unbraid your hair. Because the hairs you would normally shed have been locked up in your dread installation, it's likely you will be combing out quite a bit of hair! It's common for there to be a lot of shed, (and for your natural hair to look a little crazy since it's been locked up in braids for weeks).