Introduction: Basic Plushie Tutorial for a Low Budget

Cuteness is the essence of life! And what better way to display that than an adorable Plushie!
You'll need:
Two fluffy socks
Black thread
Permanent marker
Fabric scraps/stuffing
Three pins with ball heads

Step 1: Sewing the Body+Head

Take 1 sock and lay it flat inside out. Draw the legs as shown on picture 2. The front legs should be closer to the heel. Backstitch over outlines. Cut out around the stitching and leave a slight edge. Turn inside out. Stuff with fabric scraps or stuffing through hole in front. Sew hole closed, shape how you like.

First of all, sorry for lack of pictures. My IPad ran out of battery and somehow I forgot to charge it. But I did draw what the outline is supposed to look like.
So, start off by drawing outline for head as shown in the last picture. Back stitch on outline and cut out. Cut off toe.
Stuff the head, cut off excess, seal wit ha running stitch. Do NOT cut thread.

Step 2: Attach the Head

Again, sorry for the pictures (or lack thereof)
Using the same thread as the running stitch, attach head to body with a ladder stitch.

Step 3: Tail

Using scrap from the toe, draw whatever tail outline you want. Backstitch on it, cut it out, turn right way around, and stuff. Attach in same way as head.

Step 4: Decorate!

Using the pins, create face. I did mine kawaii style. (Shown above). Add whatever doodads you want and there you have it! So c
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