Introduction: Mini Model Magic Dessert Charms

You will need:
Bisque, Earth tone, and Terra Cotta Model Magic
Black and White air dry clay
Pin with ball-shaped head
Clear nail polish

Step 1: Doughnut

Start by pinching off a small piece of bisque clay and rolling it into a ball.
Poke a hole in the center.
Pinch of a smaller piece of earth tone and roll into ball. Flatten.
Spread the earth tone clay over the top of doughnut, spreading edges and poke a hole through the middle. Smooth in hole. (See picture 7 to see what it should look like)

Pinch off a tiny amount of white air dry clay and make into a ball.
Split in half and roll+flatten again. Repeat 2 times, the second using only one half and discarding one new half (the pictures make it less confusing)
Pinch off a larger amount of black, split, roll, and flatten
Dab some glue on backs of each black piece. Place where you want the eyes to be on the doughnut.
Place white pieces as shown in picture.
Brush some white eyeshadow onto all of the brown part of the doughnut.
Add blush.

Step 2: Macaron

Pinch off a piece of earth tone.
Split in half, roll into ball, slightly flatten
Texture feet of macaron shells
Break off a piece of terra cotta
Roll into long, super thin rope.
Coil around edge of one shell.
Stack other shell on top, slightly flatten
Follow directions for eyes as said in step 1.
Add blush.

Step 3: Oops!

I forgot to say to add a mouth by using a tiny piece of clay.

Step 4: Glazing

Once dry glaze with nail polish;
Frosting on doughnut
Cream in macaron

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