Introduction: Basics: Join Plastic - #4, Shrink-wrap 1

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here is how you can make your own shrink-wrap. for all kind of applications. from ´trash´.

for demonstration-purpose lets just wrap two fishcans

(this is part 1. a second, differen,t technique will follow whenever the muse kisses me)

Step 1: The Almighty... Plastic-bottle:

the raw-material for your wrap is the boundless gift/curse sent from the gods:

p.e.t.-plastic, number 2.

cut out a piece that suits your plans

Step 2: Create a Loose Wrap

get a piece of plastic for whatever you want to wrap (remember: here 2 fishcans).

form a loose closure (with extra margins).

with a few quick holes/burns done vía a soldering-iron make sure it won´t open.

Step 3: Create a Seam

with the soldering-iron (or, as i always point out: any similar object you can heat up in a fire etc) melt down the plastic into a tight weld. make sure the weld/seam is strong (there will be a lot of tension on that sucker once we go live shrinking - just like in the real life with shrinks).

Step 4: Ready for Heat:

to finish off the shrink-wrap you need some source of heat.

here, for simplicity, i ´cheat´ and use a ´baby´-heatgun. (but, again, if you are out in the ´wild´ or face an emergency: the heat from a fire properly transfered will do the trick, too)

anyhow, carefully start shrinking the p.e.t. down

Step 5: Done

trim off the magins if yo like.

..... done.


thank you all.

over & out

ps, just in case you like to play around like me: here a few ideas how you can kill some time here and there: