Introduction: Basket Weaved Gift Box

This simple gift box with weave pattern on the top will serve as a unique gift wrapping technique. This paper weaving helps you make a gift box out of your very basic , easily accessible items like construction paper, brown bags, newspapers and even scrap gift paper you end up throwing to thrash...

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. Paper

2. Scissors

3. Glue

Yes, thats it.. You can make your kid work on weaving with this simple project, and they will be exited on the end result and you will begin making more and more of this.

I used construction papers( 4 of them minimum required).

Step 2: Preparing the Base for the Weaving

First step is to take a paper and fold it length wise. Then draw lines on them to equally(this makes the wrap of the weaving aka vertical lines for weaving) separate the slots and cut them along lines. Unfold the paper, the base for weaving the box is ready.

Step 3: Preparing the Strips for Weaving

Next is to get the paper strips ready for weaving. This is done cutting the paper into strips to the width of the paper. The strips can be of same width for easy, basic projects and can be varying width also. Add colors for more colorful box. Single colored strip weaving result in checkered pattern.

Step 4: Start Weaving

Now the real project starts. Start by taking a strip and insert into the cutted slots of the base(step 1). Proceed pulling the strips back and forth of the base. Once fully covering the width of the base align the strip properly to its place and glue the ends to the base. Gluing makes sure the strip stay in place making easy for weaving. Continue weaving the strips into the base. There are lots of patterns that can be weaved. I have made simple checkers pattern.

Step 5: Making a Box From the Woven

Now take a plain paper (this makes the inside of the box) and paste the woven top part to it.

To make it into a box, measure and draw the shape of the box to the plain side of the paper.My tip here is to measure and mark the same amount from the edges and then join the marks to form the box shape. This way the edges of the box will be same around the corners, making a good box. Otherwise, you may end up in unequal edges in the corners.

Fold along the lines to form the base shape as shown in the picture.

Cut a slit from the edges as shown in the picture to make into a box. Fold the slit and apply glue to it. Paste it to the adjacent side of the paper as you fold them to form a box shape. Now the top of the box is ready.

Step 6: Making the Bottom of the Box

Now take two more paper and glue it together.

Now measure a little more from the edges(so it will form a smaller rectangle that fits into the top). And make a box by folding the edges and gluing the slit.

The base can be made with more stronger materials like a cardboard base to hold weight.

The box is ready....

Step 7: More Weaving Patterns

This simple checker pattern can be made colorful by adding patterns on the base (in step 1) by pasting some strips on it before weaving.

The strips can be made more colorful by pasting strips of various widths on top of each together, which in result forms awesome patterns.

Instead of cutting the base in equal width straight strips, it can be cut into zigzag or curvy or even circles.

Also, trying on shades of same color on weaving is worth it.

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