Introduction: Batman V Superman Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys!


in this step by step tutorial I'm going to show you how I created a split makeup look of Batman and Superman for the upcoming movie 'Batman V Superman'

Step 1: How to Start

Start with a clean face

use a primer or moisturizer to make your skin ready for the makeup.
it's also easier to pull your hair back

Step 2: Using Eyeshadows for Shading

i'm using ELF eyeshadows to shade my face into a manlier one, and i'm also using them to shade and blend the colours of the painted parts on my body (superman suit, batman suit, batman mask)

Step 3: Shading Your Face

use a brown eyeshadow that is cool toned, and darker than your natural skin.
i'm applying the eyeshadow with a fluffy brush to avoid any harsh lines and I'm blending them out so they look seamless.
I looked at the picture of superman and tried my best to recreate his face shape.
focus on the nose, forhead, cheekbone and jawline/chin

Step 4: Enhancing Your Face Shape

now that i've got a basis i'm deepening up some of the shading.
i'm going in with a darker shade for my cheekbones and above my eye to make it look more sunken in.

Step 5: Use Facepaints

I use Grimas facepaints to paint my hair, and the suits

Don't use any other paint than face/bodypaint. other paints can be toxic for your skin

Step 6: Create Superman's Hair

I'm creating superman's hairline with black facepaint and i'm filling it in.
i'm also painting the visible part of my hair to blend the black colour in

Step 7: Tracing the Batman Mask Shape

with a detailing brush and black facepaint i'm tracing the shape of the batman mask so I know where to paint

Step 8: Filling in the Batman Mask

I'm filling in the part of my face where the mask goes, and leaving the traced part open.
since it's a suit I found it logical to fill in my ear as well

Step 9: Shading the Mask

since the mask is black I cant shade with shadows, so i'm just highlighting it.
for this i'm using white facepaint and i'm blending that out with a fluffy brush and white eyeshadow

Step 10: Painting and Shading the Superman Suit

with blue, red, and yellow faceaint i'm recreating the suit.
it's easier to recreate if you have a reference photo.
i'm shading everything with a darker tone of eyeshadow

Step 11: Painting and Shading the Batman Suit

For the batman suit i'm doing the same steps, but for his suit i need black and grey facepaints and eyeshadows

Step 12: The Complete Look!

And this is how it looks in proper lighting and edited when it's done! :D

Hope you guys liked my creation