Introduction: Bead Bracelet Designs to Make - How to Make a Beaded Flower Bracelet

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Most of you love flower bead bracelet patterns. This tutorial is about making a beaded flower bracelet with glass beads, pearl beads and bugle seed beads. Steps are explained below.

We have made many attempts in combination glass beads and pearl beads in jewelry making. Today I made this flower bead bracelet pattern with glass beads, bugle seed beads and white pearl beads. The color of the whole bead bracelet design is light and pure, which makes people released and peaceful when watching it. Now let's see how to make the beaded flower bracelet.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed in Making the Beaded Flower Bracelet:

6MM Transparent Glass Beads

2MM Glass Bugle Beads

6MM Glass Pearl Beads

0.3MM Tiger Wire

Gold Toggle Clasps

Gold Jump Rings

Gold Bead Spacers

Gold Ending Clasp

Long Nose Plier


Step 2: Bead a Flower Pattern

1st, snip off a piece of tiger wire(about 20cm), slide 4 2mm bugle beads and cross the ends through another bugle beads and tighten;

2nd, slide a 6mm transparent glass bead, a bugle bead, a 6mm pearl bead, a bugle bead and finally a 6mm transparent glass bead in order;

3rd,wrap the wire across the bugle bead ring and thread the wire backward through the last transparent glass bead you just slide;

4th, slide a bugle bead, a pearl bead, a bugle bead and a glass bead to the wire and cross the bugle ring and wrap the wire back through the transparent bead you slid at last;

5th, repeat the 3rd and 4th procedure to make the rest 3 petals and finish the flower. Make 3 more beaded flowers in the same way.

Step 3: Make the Main Part of the Bracelet

1st, snip off 2 pieces of 40cm tiger wires, and then fix a beaded flower to the wires with one wire thread through a pearl bead on the top and the other wire through the pearl bead on the bottom;

2nd, slide a bugle bead, a transparent bead and a bugle bead to each wire, and add another flower pattern in the same way;

3rd, repeat the process in above procedure and add the rest flower patterns as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Make the Rest Part of the Bracelet

1st, slide 5 bugle beads, a glass bead, a pearl bead and a glass bead to each of the wire, and then cross the wires through a bugle bead;

2nd, slide a glass bead, a pearl bead and a glass bead again to each wire, and cross both wires through another bugle bead and tighten.

Step 5: Finish the Beaded Flower Bracelet

1st, slide a gold bead spacer to each wire, trim off the extra wire and attach the ending clasps;

2nd, add the toggle clasp and ultimately finish the whole beaded flower bracelet.

Step 6: Look at the Final Piece on My Wrist! It's Very Bling Bling and Elegant!

This beaded flower bracelet design is a successful combination of the glass beads and the pearl beads. As you can see from the picture, it is shinny on hand but at the same time it shows an elegant temperament. This beaded flower pattern is not fresh since we have made several jewelry designs which apply this beaded flower pattern. Anyway, it is still a suggested DIY project for both green hands and DIY jewelry lovers. Have a nice try!